Sunday, June 11, 2006


Beautiful day here in NYC. Yesterday was complete shite. I spoke with a friend today who lives in Staten Island and he said they had thunderstorms into the afternoon. Nothing like that here to report from Manhattan Island. Some low thin clouds shaded the morning, but it’s been perfect temps and sunny skies since.

Pete’s sake, I sound like I have a bluebird on my shoulder. Yes, it’s been a lovely day.
I made it to the gym today. Shit, I make it sound like I had a boulder on my back. I...made it...*gasp* the...gym. I worked my legs, my scrawny legs, and when I got home I slammed a drink with 40 grams of protein and a load of creatine. I am determined to get back the weight I have lost since December, and to get myself back into good shape.

Listening to Louis Armstrong’s Hot Five playing “Gut Bucket Blues.” I am eating TastiDLite Oreos ‘n’ Cream, a whole pint of the stuff, and I am thinking of my next move. I had some tasty Pad Thai noodles with tofu and some wicked red pepper sauce at Union Square. I may attend Rooftop Films showing tonight in Brooklyn.

I have to stop. Sure, this is my blog, and I write it for myself, but this is starting to read like something I read a few months ago, the most boring blog ever written.

I just cut my toe nails. I think I will straighten my desk.

I took a break to straighten my desk. It is straightened now.

Something like that...


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