Sunday, June 11, 2006


I have noticed a signficant shift in my voice lately, that is, the voice with which I write. I don't feel overly aware of The Reader. Instead, I feel as if I am writing to myself. I hear more clearly what I've written because I am the intended audience.

While this may make for boring reading, it's important that I receive what I am sending.

That makes sense, I hope.


Another good workout. I did laundry earlier.

Woo hoo.

Look at me.

I am being productive.


It cracks me up when I see the different search terms that bring search engine users to my blog.
The latest priceless gems:

coat sex
little april sex
sex in she
sex with dog
polish boy penis
and my personal favorite...

how to make my wife have more sex with me
Pal, if you have to go to the internet to get the answer to that question, that may be the answer right there. Turn off the computer and talk to her.


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