Sunday, June 11, 2006

Working It Out

I had a good workout tonight. About two weeks ago I rededicated myself to strength training with the goal of building up my legs dramatically, and eventually my arms as well. Since then, my strength has increased about twenty percent. That is not unexpected. As I reacquaint my body with working out, I should see a swift return to where I was when I stopped working out in November of last year.

I screwed up my right knee (again) when I tried getting into running shape. I got myself up to about five miles a day and then the tendinitis of old came back, and that was it. I solicited opinions from doctors and friends and the consensus was that I needed to build up the muscles in my legs, especially the quads, before I tried any more running.

So here it is, late July, and I am only two weeks into what I should have started months ago. I feel good that I finally seem to have got back to working out, so I am going to try not to kick myself around over my laziness. I really kicked my ass tonight at the gym, so that is where I shall focus my self-loathing, into pushing myself in a way I have not done before. When I was certain I could not possibly make my legs move the weight, I bore down and did it in spite of my misgivings.

The iPod helps me focus. I can’t hear the noises I might be making because of the music in my headphones, so I can really lay into the workout.

I need to write more than I have been lately. It seemed I was starting to heat up again, but then I stop cold for a week plus. I lack discipline. (Wow, there’s a shocking revelation.)

I may be getting a tattoo soon. I have long wanted one. I think it will be a rose. The tattoo would be my way of marking myself as Rosie’s man.


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